Entrusted to make communities safer.

Ensnare™ is a patent-pending, next-generation IoT security solution designed to help law enforcement stop gun violence in our communities.

Identifying who.

Ensnare captures the digital fingerprint of the assailant in a gun-related incident, providing essential forensic data that can lead to the detection, capture, prosecution, and conviction of gun-violence criminals.

Enhancing community safety through technology.

By combining advanced sensor data with other data sources, Ensnare can identify the location, time, and suspects of gun-related crimes, then generate a high-fidelity forensic package that can be used to prosecute these suspects.

Filling a crucial gap to
help law enforcement.

Current technology allows police to accurately identify the location of a crime, but not the person who committed it. Ensnare enables the last mile of identification to produce prosecutable evidence and increase the conviction rates in major cities.

Breaking the cycle
of gun violence.

Gun violence is an epidemic that impacts families, communities, and entire cities. Ensnare empowers the creation of safer communities by deterring and capturing perpetrators of violent crime—and it’s just our first step in helping communities across the country change how they use technology to stop crime.

Ensnare is launching soon. Contact us to learn more about our technology and vision.

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